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FILTH icons [entries|friends|calendar]
Cradle of Filth icons

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[19 Sep 2006|07:44pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I was bored the other day so I made some icons.

It's Dani~

Ville Valo, mreehe.

Arch Enemy FTW

Then I got bored again and stopped making icons, rofl.

I don't mind if you use them, please credit tho :)


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[09 Dec 2005|09:32am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Right, so, a mass icon post, you will see more later, I am just feeling guilty for having neglected the icon comms for so long, and I just recently found out how to resixe the icon file size. Some are bloody shocking, but they're basically just experiments.


161 icons in total

[10] Cradle of Filth
[10] Dresden Dolls
[11] Evanescence
[10] Linkin Park
[10] Within Temptation
[10] Reel Big Fish
[10] System of a Down
[30] Placebo
[10] The Darkness
[36] Marilyn Manson
[4] Velvet Goldmine
[3] Dita Von Teese
[2] Corsets
[5] Nickelodeon
[1] Wednesday 13


Image hosted by Photobucket.com//Image hosted by Photobucket.com//Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All the rest behind the cutCollapse )

[x] Comment & Credit (Credit to uno_marsch in the keywords)
[x] Don't hotlink!

x-posted to 1cons, brianmolkoicons, manson_icons, d_d_icons, evanescenceicon, filth_icons.

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[25 Nov 2005|08:18am]

Hey guys. This is my first Cradle of Filth icon. And Im all new here and stuff.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Credit if taking.
Thanks lovlies

♥ Whitney
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It's been a while. Ex - shinominom [24 Jun 2005|06:54pm]

Two Dani Filth icons.


Comment & credit as always.

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[02 May 2005|02:52pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Made a few icons from my curently fav. Cradle of Filth song, Her Ghost In The Fog
I'm a pretty new COF fan, I've only liked them for a few weeks but hell I really love them now! I just wanted to ask does Dani write all the lyrics or do the other band members too? I don't even know their names :P

1) 2)
3) 4)

I'm sorry they turned out with such a crappy quality... I'm not exactly an expert at icons.
Usual: comment, credit & don't hotlink.

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[23 Apr 2005|08:01am]

i have no fucking clue how to make icons and i was wondering how come i seriously cant use any of the damn icons anyways can someone make me an icon with the lyrics "Her icy kiss fervoured my neck" and that picture of dani biting that girl on her neck thank you ahead of time
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New icons.. [07 Apr 2005|02:57pm]

Coz this place is dead :-

Some Cradle of Filth icons here, all ripped from the Nymphetamine Video.
Lots of em so they're behind an LJ-cut:

Click here for the icons peeps!Collapse )

First time doing this, so nothing too fancy.

Use as you will, but please credit, and don't be stealing my bandwidth buddy!

I will make any CoF icons on request, so ask away :D
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[14 Mar 2005|04:35pm]

I was wondering, do any of you know where I can find stills, screencaps, whatever you want to call them...where can I find some from the "Nymphetamine" video? I would appriciate it.. -Mad
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[13 Jan 2005|09:08pm]
Because I was bored...

Enjoy+comment+credit+no direct-link if you take some of them!
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It's what happens when you have gif-animator... [14 Dec 2004|07:08pm]
Icons again!! ;)

They are the same, but one of them is moving faster, one of them is slowlier, etc...

Enjoy and credit! :D
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